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File Name - Gacha Gacha Vol 1-5 (ARC 1 COMPLETE)
File Size - 150 MB
Description - Nanjou Kouhei and Hanazono Clara have been classmates ever since Elementary, and now in their High School years, Kouhei has begin to take a liking for his childhood friend. However, Clara has gotten really unusual these days, sometimes becoming extremely horny and at other times becoming pure and innocent. After a few "incident", Clara forced Kouhei to help her whenever she "changes". What will become of Kouhei's High School life as he tries to help his friend and win her heart?


File Name - Lament Of The Lamb Vol 1-7 (COMPLETE)
File Size - 160 MB

Description - The members of the Takashiro family share a terrible curse, they have a thirst that only human blood can slake. Sent away after the death of this mother, Kuzuna Takashiro has long been blissfully unaware of his 'condition.' When Kazuna's teenage hormones begin to rage, his uncontrollable bloodlust suddenly rears its head ...


File Name - Maken X Vol 1-3 (COMPLETE)
File Size - 78 MB

Description - A research laboratory in the international city Kanazawa. Kei Sagami, daughter of the chief of laboratory, Professor Hiromitsu Sagami, becomes a witness of an experiment - the awakening of a sword, the Maken. It's able to heal mental disorders, at least according to her father. But as strange foreigners forcibly break into the laboratory, kidnap her father and put the actual carrier of the sword out of action, she experiences the true meaning of the Maken first hand.Warning : This manga may contains some disturbing images and violence.


File Name - Onegai Teacher Vol 1-2 (COMPLETE)
File Size - 64 MB

Description - Mizuho Kazami, a beautiful young woman, went to a high school in mountainous area to teach Japanese. However, she is actually a representative from galaxy association on her mission to observe earth. Accidentally, Kei Kusanagi, one of her student, discovered her true identity. In order to keep it secret, Mizuho Kazami married Kei Kusanagi and they both live together secretly. Can they keep their marriage from Kei's classmates?


File Name - Pretty Face Vol 1-6 (COMPLETE)
File Size - 200 MB

Description - Due to a terrible bus accident, Randoh (the main character) wakes up one day to discover he has the face of an attractive girl thanks to a rather perverted plastic surgeon. But not just any girl's face--it's the same girl that he has a crush on. To make matters even worse, he runs into the girl and she thinks it's her long-lost twin sister. When Randoh moves in with her (quite willingly) he is torn between helping out this girl by pretending to be her sister, and wanting his old face back.


File Name - Ichigo 100% Vol 1-16 - Ichigo 100% Vol 17-19 (COMPLETE)
File Size - 500 MB TOTAL

Description - A girl fell out of the sky, and that's how this tale all began. Middle school student Manaka Junpei dreams to become a filmmaker, and one fateful day on the school rooftop, a girl with strawberry panties suddenly drops out in front of him and dissapears as quickly as they met. With the image of strawberries etched into his mind, he wastes no time to find out who the mysterious girl was. Will he ever discover the true identity of the girl with strawberry panties, or will he encounter someone even better on his search?