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Serie Name : RAY ~ The animation
File Type : MP4
Number of Eps : 13 out of 13 (COMPLETE)
Ray is a grown woman with a troubled past and a superhuman gift, she has X-Ray vision. Raised on an organ-donor farm, her own eyes were taken and sold on the black market. Then the gift of sight came to her unexpectedly, and once again she could see the world only, she saw a lot more of it. Now, working as a nurse and moonlighting as a surgeon, Ray is ready to face her past and the horrible place she had to call home, and finally destroy the underground group that robbed her of her vision and her childhood.


- Episode 01
- Episode 02
- Episode 03
- Episode 04
- Episode 05
- Episode 06
- Episode 07
- Episode 08
- Episode 09
- Episode 10
- Episode 11
- Episode 12
- Episode 13 - END (NEW)

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